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Frank Jimenez is an award winning taxidermist. His goal is to provide quality taxidermy work. Frank is a native to Arizona and has been hiunting ad fishing for decades.

AZ Seivers Taxidermy Scope of Work:

Large Game | Small Game | Birds |  Fish | Exotics | Repairs

Tips for Field Dressing


1. Do NOT salt!    

2. Start cut at back edge of pads and/or hooves.    

3. NEVER cut the hide in the throat area.    

4. Keep hide dry & cool.    

5. Freeze hide if unable to deliver proply.


1. Inspect birds for broken wings, feathers and damage to the head/beak.

2. Keep blood off the feathers

3. Freeze if unable to deliver promply

   *Wrap bird in damp towel, to help protect wings when freezing

   * Place in plastic bag with wings tucked in


1. Do NOT clean fish.

2. Fold back fins and wrap in plastic bag to freeze.

Q & A

1. What do I do before I bring in the animal to you?

    -It shoudl be gutted and skinned and immediately put on ice, but you      should get it to us ASAP.

2. How long does a mount take?

    -It takes on average 13-14 months to complete all work. Although life     size mounts may take longer.

3. What kind of pose options can I choose from?

    -Right turn

    -Left turn


    -Half Sneak

    -Full Sneak

    -90 Degree


4. Is there a down payment? If so, how much?

    -50% on All mounts, except 100% on birds

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